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If you are looking for a company with a history, dynamic and with eyes set on a more renewable and sustainable future, join Altri and make your own impact.

Our people

One of Altri’s main differentiating factors are people, and, as such, the company recognizes its employees as a factor of sustainable competitive advantage, guiding its performance through a human resources strategy based on the following guidelines:

  • Atract and retain the best professionals
  • Motivate employees to face future challenges
  • Develop employees' skills, giving them greater versatility
  • Promote a culture of performance

Gender equality

Altri’s ALTRI 2021 Gender Equality Plan has as a fundamental goal to contribute to achieve an effective equality of treatment and opportunities between women and men, promoting the elimination of discrimination based on sex and promoting the reconciliation between personal, familiar and professional life.

Equality in access to employment

Equality in working conditions

Equal pay

Protection in parentality

Worklife balance

In 2020 Altri had 24 women in leadership roles.