Shareholders’ General Meeting

made up of all the shareholders with voting rights, who are responsible for approving changes in the articles of association, making a general assessment of the management and monitoring of the Company, approving the annual report and financial statements, electing the members of the governing bodies within its competence and, in general, considering all the matters submitted to it by the board of directors.

Board of Directors

elected by the shareholder’s general meeting, currently made up of twelve members who are responsible for carrying out all the management functions to implement the operations inherent in its corporate objectives, functioning in the best interests of the company, its shareholders and employees. Know more

Audit Board

made of three members and one substitute, is the body responsible for monitoring the management, verifying the reasonableness of the company’s financial statements and the orderliness of its accounting records and supporting documents, and verifying compliance with legislation and the company’s articles of association.

Statutory Auditor

responsible for auditing the company’s financial statements. 

Articles of association

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